What Are Your 2012 Design Resolutions?

Finally, last night, I realized something: I had become a professional job seeker. For twenty-two months, I have been unemployed and acting like it, hoping that the economy would improve, architecture would rebound, and someone would hire me. All of my actions to date have revolved around that. Really, there’s nothing wrong with it; that is what most people are doing these days, at least among the unemployed. But I realized I had to make a choice: Am I a professional job seeker, or am I an architect?

It sounds simple, or maybe just silly. No one is really a professional job seeker, right? If you’re out of work, you just have to find a new job, so that’s your focus until you do. But think about it. What’s one of the consistent pieces of advice given to the unemployed

Architecture Uncensored: Designing Your Career

I went into architecture for many reasons. Sometimes they hardly seem adequate, given the rocky path my career has taken. I don’t even remember some of them, and others seem unrealistic compared to what the profession is really like. Maybe I would be better to abandon it altogether – or maybe I just need to be reminded of what those reasons were, and why they are still important to me.

I made a decision last night. I don’t want to be a professional job seeker anymore. I want to be an architect. Maybe it will not much change what I really do from day to day, but it has already made me feel like a change has happened in my mind. I feel more deliberate now, more purposeful.

I choose architecture. I choose to be an architect.

This month, the AIA|DC Emerging Architects Committee joins with the DC chapter of National Organization of Minority Architects for the monthly Mentoring Workshop.

Architects In Real Life Photo of the Day: 14 October 2011

By Lorraine Espinoza / September 28, 2014

 Membership in the AIA is not a requirement to attend. A new topic is discussed each month, but after the initial presentation there is time for open discussion and questions. If you are in the midst of the Intern Development Program (IDP), are taking the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), need help finding a mentor, or just want to find out what other interns and young architects are doing, we encourage you to join us, and bring any questions you may have.

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