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Creative Birthday Party Ideas

I love throwing parties. Anyone who knows me well knows that there is nothing that energizes me more than planning and throwing a wonderful birthday party. It took me several years of planning parties for myself, my family and my friends before a wise soul suggested that I look into becoming a professional party planner. Why the thought had never crossed my mind, I have no idea, but I took her advice and quickly checked into a possible profession. My biggest reason for becoming a party planner was that I loved coming up with great birthday party ideas. Why not get paid to do what I love?

Birthday party ideas can be as simple or as ornate as you want them to be. I have been to amazing parties where the food, the decorations, and the activities were all very simple and it turned out well. I have also been to many lavish parties where each element of the event was given a great amount of detail and care. The important thing in coming up with birthday party ideas is to think carefully about the person you are celebrating.

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Remembering the birthday person is the most important thing you can do in gathering birthday party ideas. After all, you are celebrating the birth and life of a person you care about, so why not make their celebration something they will love. Think about their interests, passions and likes when you are coming up with birthday party ideas for them.

Some of the best birthday party ideas are planned around a theme that reflects the birthday person. Try to come up with a great theme that will be fun to celebrate and that will allow you to easily incorporate food, decorations and events into the party.

What I love about party planning is sitting down with my clients over lunch or coffee. I always begin by having them tell me the kind of celebration they are hoping for. If people have no goals in party planning, then it will be really hard to come up with the perfect birthday party ideas. I’ve been surprised to find that people have many more ideas than they even think they do. All they need is a little help organizing their ideas for the party.

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Grab a notebook and make a list of initial birthday party ideas for the next event you are planning. And enjoy the planning process. It can be fun, rewarding and even relaxing when you start with great birthday party ideas.

Portable Staging Solutions For Wedding Reception

By Lorraine Espinoza / November 20, 2017

Wedding reception planning is as salient as planning the wedding itself. This particular part of the wedding celebration should be given utmost attention since this is when you really get to enjoy the day with your guests.  After all, the days leading up to your wedding can be rather stressful.

This calls for some winding down and chilling out, and so the wedding reception matters a great deal.Wedding reception planning need not be strenuous on the couple’s part. If you have someone to take over the planning, then everything will be light. Get free quotes for Portable Stage Rental

However, if you’re doing hands-on, one thing you need to be very keen about is finding a place or a venue where it can accommodate the numbers of guests that you have. You may find a place perfect for a wedding reception, but if it doesn’t fit all the guests in attendance, then your place of choice regrettably doesn’t count.The next thing is to ensure that when you’ve finally found the right place, make certain that everything is set up as intended. Find more details in google doc:

Since this is your wedding, couples should have a say when it comes to the design and the theme of the place. If you choose a Mediterranean or a Western kind of wedding, then everything should be arranged the way Mediterranean and Western wedding themes look like. Keep in mind; a touch of both the bride and groom’s personality and personal wishes should be the one to appear in the wedding design.

Finally, wedding reception planning entails a budget. If you have all the financial resources to make your reception more personalized, then all the nitty-gritty and the littlest of accessories should be given enough attention. Identify your budget and know what’s fitting. This is the only way to make everything work as planned.

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The Lesser Known Backend Features Of The iPhone 5 & 4G Compatibility

The Lesser Understood Backend Attributes From The iPhone 5 & 4G Being compatible

If you are actually an apple iphone aficionado, you may possibly ride out the primary remodelings over the apple iphone 4 without needing to also think of this.
All of us recognize that it’s visiting boast a much larger screen, as well as our team’re all humming with enthusiasm regarding the 4G capabilities (where supported). And certainly, that has a sleeker as well as lighter construct along with a spanking new A6 potato chip and also iOS6 powering all of it.

However, allows now consider some of the minimal spoke about components that apple iphone 5 provides and obtain some jargon in point of view.

Just What Is 4G Compatibility? 4G provides faster mobile surfing, and also iPhone 5 will definitely sustain that. Actually, exploring speeds for 4G are anticipated to far go over 3G, and also Apple’s 4G inclusion to become among some phones who support it will be actually easy reading for apple iphone lovers.

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Consider though, that certainly not all networks may presently deliver 4G using their existing technologies. This carries out suggest that in some nations like the UK, while you could have bought your spanking new iPhone 5, you may not really have the ability to utilize the 4G function if your mobile carrier isn’t really but able to supply that.

The regularities are actually the secret listed below, with the iPhone 5 utilizing the 1800MHz frequency for 4G– due to the fact that there are actually no worldwide requirements set, other mobile business operate on other frequencies and this could make concerns if you occur to be on a system that uses a various frequency. As an example, in the UK, Orange as well as T-Mobile both employ the 1800MHz regularity while O2 and also Vodafone carry out certainly not. Comparable issues have actually emerged in the UNITED STATE also.

Lightning Dock Adapter– The apple iphone 5 possesses a new and also simpler procedure for plugging in the phone, by means of the “lightning dock connector”– this’s located below the phone, this is actually very small as well as the plug works whichever method up (or down) you put that. However, it carries out suggest that any sort of existing docking gulfs or sound speaker docks you presently possess will certainly must be actually changed.

Advanced Retina Present– Apple illustrates its own new Retina Show as scenic, along with 44% higher shade saturation in comparison to the iPhone 4. The apple iphone 5 also has enhanced contact innovation– while the iPhone 4 possessed 2 layers, with the apple iphone 5 the pixels and also contact sensors have actually been actually brought together right into a thinner, solitary coating. Everything translates to a much cleaner and also crisper iPhone knowledge.

New SIM Card– To make an effort and also bring in the phone smaller sized as well as lighter, Apple has switched out the outdated micro-SIM memory card with the new as well as tinier nano-SIM. You might be able to get the SIM exchanged for no extra expense over-the-counter at your local area Apple outlet.

Pricing – The iPhone 5 will definitely be actually launched at $649 (16GB), $749 (32 GIGABYTE) as well as $849 (64GB). In the UK the rates will be actually ₤ 529 (16GB), ₤ 599 (32 GIGABYTE) and ₤ 699 (64GB). The launch day is actually prepared for 21 September 2012. The pre orders as well as anticipated sales for the iPhone 5 have actually been actually exceptionally tough.

Sheffield Gauge Plate Tool Steels – Different Types And Uses

A type of steel having a carbon content greater than 0.7%. High hardness and strength characterized These Steels and used for the production of tools. Keep reading more about Sheffield Gauge Plate Tool steels - Different types and uses. Tool steels are divided into quality and high quality. It depends on the content of sulfur and phosphorus: the first form of steel – 0.03% and 0.035%, in the second – 0.02% and 0.03%, respectively. Tool steels produced by certain state standards for each type of steel. For certain kinds of steel extends standard.

Tool steel has a number of advantages: Low cost, a large firm in comparison with other materials. The disadvantage is the low wear and low red hardness. Tool steels are divided into four categories of low-hardenability increase in hardenability. Different kinds of tool steel used to process wood for the production of tools that work in conditions that do not cause heating of the cutting edge.​

  • For hand tools.
  • For the manufacture caliber simple form and low accuracy classes.
  • For cores.
  • For the needle wire.
  • Stamping
  • To crush rollers, files, scrapers plumbing
  • For cold stamping dies for small sizes and without jumps in the cross section, punches and dies for small sizes.
  • Calibers simple form and low accuracy classes.
  • For instruments with low wear resistance at medium and high specific pressure.
  • For files, various blades, and knives, sharp surgical supplies, engraving accessories.

​Tool steel has high hardness. However, it should be stood in mind that the quality of their material retains only under certain conditions, namely, subject to the appropriate temperature. In the case of overheating tools of carbon steel may break. The maximum allowable temperature of the order of 200ᵒS.

Find high-quality metal at Ground-Flat-Stock.Co.UK. Among other things, product catalog presented and tool steel of various grades. All of them have certificates of conformity and therefore meet the standards. In addition, the reputation of the company ensures a reliable and long-term partnership.​

Shear Blades By Sheffield Gauge Plate Limited

Shear Blades: Best Cutting Solution For Any Industry

Sheffield Gauge Plate Limited provides a broad range of industrial blades. They produce scissors knives, round knives, flat knives, shear blades, tyre shredding blades, special blades with separate contours and welded blades. Shear blades and Tyre Shredding Blades available in various degrees for best trimming efficiency in many different metals & dimensions.​

Shear Blades In Circular knives

SGP provides a lot of knives for the food industry, and so has a lot of knowledge of stainless steel knives. These knives are used at chicken slaughterhouses, fry production, vegetable cutters, etc. Circular Shear Blades used in many industries and thus also be available in many shapes. The shape of the round shear blades varies.​

Besides knives for the food industry, SGP also produces knives for many other markets such as rubber industry, tobacco industry, recycling industry and paper industry. Guillotine Blades are manufactured from carefully selected materials and quality heat treated to make sure very best performance.​

​Shear Blades In Machine knives

18 years of experience combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship and the latest techniques ensure constant high quality and efficiency. Many knives you can find from the site on the basis of the article number.​

Sheffield Gauge Plate Tool steels

Blades made by Sheffield Gauge Plate Limited have a varied selection of the application of all shearing and cutting procedures for Manufacturing Industrial sectors.​

If the blade is unknown, then you can contact SGP, and they shall make a similar type knife by using a sample or a drawing.​

For further inquiries, call: +44 114 2335291

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Bakers Rack – A Must Have

By / February 23, 2020

Bakers Rack – A Must Have

Have you got a cramped kitchen in your household? Do you want to give it a touch of style? Do you want to give your kitchen more room, decoration and functionality? If your answer is yes, then definitely, a baker’s rack is a good buy for you! A baker’s rack is a kitchen item that is becoming incresingly popular among different households. It is a rack that may contain wire hooks to hang utensils. It may have a shelf or two or more that may hold different items depending on your mood and desires. It may also have a wine rack. It can also provide a counter space that can be used for storage of other items or for food preparation.

1. Basic Considerations

– Consider the size of your kitchen
– Check the features
– Pick a style that suits you
– Buy only quality ones
– Properly assemble it
– Find a good spot for the rack

2. Size Of Your Kitchen

The size should be properly considered with the kitchen. It should not take too much space in your kitchen especially if you don’t have much space to sacrifice. There are small and simple baker’s racks that will be considerably affordable too. There are also big ones, the elephant type that you can get if you have a bigger kitchen and budget.

3. Choose The Best Features To Suit Your Needs

With the numerous designs that came out, you can also choose to buy baker’s rack that come with added features. Some would have a wine rack, storage area and spice drawers. Some also have adjustable shelves to accommodate larger items. This way you will not only maximize the space of the rack, you will also get the value out of your purchase.

4. Enhance The Style Of Your Kitchen

Choose one that will easily blend with the rest of your kitchen interiors. It is a good addition to your kitchen decoration. It would definitely add up to the ambience of your most favorite spot at home. Make sure that you consider the material of the rack. There are actually different looks to choose from. For an elegant style, go for the platinum ones with bronze finishes for your home. The racks that have exquisite details and curves will serve not only as a storage area but as a very good display as well. If you want a Mediterranean effect on your house, seek for those that give a warm effect. Get the ones that have soft curves and details on the legs. Make your home really feel more like home. The ideal colors are dark green or black. You can also give a more country or rustic feel to the rack. Add some teapots or fruits to the rack to give it a more relaxed touch. You can also opt to get those made of wooden materials. There are also baker’s racks for those who are into more formal designs or who want to have a modern theme. Buy one that is made of wrought iron, usually with black or silver metals. These often come with scroll designs.

5. Don’t Forget – Check Material Quality

This rack is a good finishing touch in your kitchen and can surely express your flair. Just make sure that you get one that will serve you and your family in the years ahead. Inquire on the materials from the manufacturer. Make sure that you get a good brand or buy from a trusted shop. You can also ask friends for recommendations. Buying online will broaden your choices in the design, but be sure you buy from reliable online sellers.

6. Commence Proper Assembly

Follow the instructions carefully when assembling the rack. If necessary, ask help of another if the size of the rack would require extra strength from you. Use only the proper tools. Make sure that everything is properly put together before using it.

7. What Items Can You Put On A Rack?

Baker’s racks are very helpful. Your new baker’s rack can contain a variety of kitchen wares and even non-kitchen stuff. Make it a serving area. They can hold the bulky appliances rarely used like pressure cookers or bread makers. They are also very good decorations for your kitchen. It can also hold house plants, your cookbooks, or even your answering machine. It can also be used as a buffet bar during party times!

Scrapbooking Your Christmas Memories

By / February 22, 2020

Scrapbooking Your Christmas Memories

Christmas memories are some of our fondest, most heartwarming ones. So of course we want to preserve them in our scrapbook albums. However, when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us, we may forget to take particular photos or save certain memorabilia. To help you remember, below is a list of Christmas memories and keepsakes you’ll want to capture in your scrapbook album.
Cutting Down the Tree
For those who get their trees from a tree farm, cutting down the tree is a favorite Christmas activity. Take pictures of the tree before, during and after the cutting. Journal about who picked out the tree, where you got the tree and what the weather was like that day.
Trimming the Tree
Whether your tree is real or artificial, trimming the tree is a special event. Take pictures of the tree in various stages of being decorated. Include people hanging their favorite ornaments, putting on the star or angel, and posing with the fully decorated and lit tree.
Deck the Halls
In addition to the tree, you probably have lots of other Christmas decorations throughout the house. Take photos of the foyer, staircase, dining room or any other room you’ve spruced up for the holidays. If you have outdoor displays and lights, remember to take pictures of them, too.
We all have our own Christmas traditions such as baking cookies, going caroling, or hosting the neighborhood party. Make sure to capture these special traditions with photos. Keep in mind that journaling is especially important when it comes to traditions. For example, include your family’s cookie recipe or some of the words from a favorite Christmas carol.
Letters to Santa/Christmas Lists
If you have children who write Christmas lists and/or letters to Santa, make copies before mailing them so that they can be preserved in your scrapbook album. You, your children and your grandchildren will surely enjoy reading those letters together one day.
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Here are some ideas of what to take pictures of on Christmas Eve: the family dinner; a gathering of family and friends; everyone dressed in their “Sunday best” for Christmas Eve mass; stockings hung by the chimney with care; snack/drink/note left for Santa and his reindeer. If Santa leaves the note behind, remember to save it for the scrapbook album.
Christmas Morning
If you have young children Christmas morning can be quite chaotic, and it may not be easy to get certain shots. Some to try for are: the kids coming down the stairs and/or into the room with the tree; the tree before all the gifts go flying; the full stockings hanging by the fireplace; everyone with his/her favorite gift; the family breakfast.
Christmas Visiting
Whether you’re traveling over the river and through the woods or hosting at home, it’s hard to get pictures of everyone you’re celebrating with. Try for a whole group photo (if the group’s not too big) or break it down into smaller groups: the grandparents with the grandchildren; the grandparents with their own children; the men/boys; the women/girls; three or more generations; a photo of each family. Remember to include everyone’s name in your journaling.
Christmas Card and Newsletter
Particularly if your Christmas card has a picture of your family or children on it, be sure to put it in your scrapbook album. You may also want to include any special cards you received – for example, a baby’s first Christmas card from Grandma and Grandpa. And if you write an annual newsletter to send out with your Christmas cards, put a copy of the newsletter in your scrapbook album as well.
Christmas Portraits
The holidays tend to be a time for formal/professional portraits: family portraits, portraits of the children, and the traditional picture with Santa. If you saved your children’s letters to Santa, you can make a two-page spread of the letters along with the picture of the children on Santa’s lap.
Keep this Christmas list of scrapbooking ideas handy during the holiday season, and you’ll be sure to capture those precious Christmas memories. If you need any page layout ideas, visit Merry Christmas and Happy Scrapping!

Was That A Letter From Santa?

By / February 21, 2020

Was That A Letter From Santa?

Christmas was a magical time for us as children, with the thoughts of Santa Claus coming to visit on every special Christmas Eve night. Thinking back, I remember waiting to visit Santa in the line up with all the other children.
We eagerly waited for our chance to sit with Santa, to give him our list for Christmas and to express how we were all good boys and girls that year. I remember visiting with Santa a number of times as a child but nothing was more memorable as one 37 years ago. At the time I was 7 years old and my sister was 5. It was a special year with my Mom, Dad, Grandfather (Papa) and Grandmother (Nana).
We all helped to get that special Christmas tree, hang the lights and decorations just right, while listening and singing to Christmas carols. Christmas eve night was now here and my excitement was topped by the hope that Santa would remember everything I had on my list.
That night, papa and nana came over to babysit us as our parents attended a Christmas party in town. It was getting dark and the Christmas lights were glistening around the house with the wonderful sounds of Christmas carols everywhere. As my sister and I got into our pajamas, papa waited to tell us some special stories of Christmas before our bedtime. My papa was always a very good storyteller, but there was one particular story that really stood out. He explained that Santa Claus had a very busy night on Christmas eve, and on his journey, if he stopped by, it was important that he have some milk and cookies so that he could continue on. After the story, my sister and I, scrambled to the kitchen, climbed up onto the counter to get a dish and a glass. My sister filled the dish with special shortbread and chocolate cookies while I filled up the glass with milk. Papa told us exactly where to place these special items so Santa would see them in plain view. We wanted to make everything just right for Santa! Nana and papa tucked us into bed, wished us a good nights sleep with special dreams of Santa’s surprises for us in the morning.
Early the next morning, Christmas Day, before any stir of activity in the house, my sister and I jumped out of bed and immediately ran towards the kitchen. I noticed the empty plate on the counter along with a half finished glass of milk. All the cookies where gone (my sister had left about 5) except for some crumbs that were left on the plate. Next to the plate was a sheet of paper with a picture at the top, of a man with a long white beard. I hopped onto a chair next to the counter and could plainly see the handwriting that said ‘From Santa’. Being so young, we had trouble reading the letter in its entirety so we jumped off the counter and went to our parent’s room to show the fabulous find from Santa. We made sure that our mom and dad were awake fairly quickly by jumping on their bed because we really wanted to know what Santa said to us. “Wake up! Wake up! A letter from Santa! Can you read this to us Mom?” I passed over the letter. Although my mom was not quite awake, she turned on the light and said “let’s see what we have here.” Mom started to read the letter out loud. “From Santa, Thank you for the milk and cookies. The journey from the North Pole is a long one, and although it’s late, I still have many more stops before I go back home. The cookies were yummy, and the milk was refreshing. Your snack will help me finish my long but exciting job tonight. I have left a special present for each of you for being such a good boy and girl this year.” Our eyes glistened with each word read by our mom hearing that Santa had really been here!
Now, 37 years later, I don’t remember all the gifts at Christmas time and but I do have a special memory of a letter from Santa!

Crochet Afghan Patterns to Make Great Giveaways

By / February 20, 2020

Crochet Afghan Patterns to Make Great Giveaways

Crochet afghan cover patterns are one of the popular crochet projects enjoyed by both beginners and advanced crocheters. A crocheted afghan cover is a great giveaway for family and friends. It can serve as a wrap or shawl as well as a blanket during chilly nights. The term afghan was derived from the textiles that are produced in Afghanistan since they are comparable to the shawls and wraps used in the region.

Crocheted afghan covers can be used in various ways. There are numerous crochet patterns for afghan blanket covers. An afghan blanket can be used as a mattress cover for the top of the bed or as a comforter and even as a bedspread. It is important to select the appropriate pattern that will fit the size of the intended project.

Afghans also make great gifts during birthdays and holidays as different motifs can be incorporated into the design. A Christmas afghan can help warm cold winter nights while personalized baby afghan blankets can become family heirlooms.

Complimentary Crochet Afghan Patterns

Free crochet afghan patterns are a great way to put together a beautiful afghan for giveaways or for personal use. Crochet afghan patterns can be very simple or complex depending on the preference of the crocheter.

A crocheter may opt to select a simple crochet afghan pattern that makes use of numerous granny squares that are put together to form the entire blanket. On the other hand, complex crochet afghan patterns may consist of geometric shapes that feature advanced crochet stitches.

Various resources like craft books, crocheting magazines and crafting websites offer complimentary crochet afghan patterns. These patterns provide complete instructions starting from what type of yarn and hook should be used for the project. In most cases, a crochet pattern may also include helpful tips on the differences between yarns.

Crochet afghan patterns can also serve as an inspiration for a crocheter to create their own unique design. Keep in mind that patterns can be adapted to suit the purpose of the project. Crocheters should not restrict themselves strictly to the instructions of the pattern. It is important to exercise some personal judgment that will help enhance the appearance of the project.

Creating an Afghan from Crochet Patterns

Creating an afghan based on crochet patterns is easy. There are numerous crochet patterns for afghan blankets that can be great as gifts or decorations at home. Simple afghan covers can even have a central theme. For example, an afghan pattern may feature a floral design as well as the national flag.

Popular crochet patterns for afghan covers often feature a stained glass design or can be part of a set of patterns. The afghan crochet pattern can be part of a collection that may include patterns for a crocheted pillowcase or coffee table doily. A striped crochet pattern for an afghan cover is another appealing project that both beginners and advanced crocheters will enjoy.

Creating an afghan from crochet patterns can also be the start of a wonderful tradition that a mother can pass on to their daughters. A free crochet pattern for an afghan cover is not only a great way to start but it is also fun. A mother and daughter can learn how to crochet at the same time by following a simple afghan crochet pattern. Once completed the finished product can be given away to family and friends.

Mothers and especially grandmothers will appreciate a handcrafted afghan cover created by a young girl from a crochet pattern. When selecting a pattern for the afghan be sure to choose a pattern and color scheme that would suit the personality of the intended party. The type of yarn to be used should also be considered, as it will directly affect the weight of the finished product.

Afghan blankets also make great donations for retirement and nursing homes. The elderly will certainly cherish the effort that went into creating the afghan. At the same time, they will appreciate the warmth of an afghan.

Afghans are an ideal project for anyone interested in learning how to crochet. Afghans are relatively easy to put together and are a great way to learn the basic crochet stitches. At the same time, afghan covers make excellent gifts and keepsakes that last a lifetime.

Secret venetian carnival parties

By / February 19, 2020

Secret venetian carnival parties

Apart from what all tourist guides would recommend as:

-the Volo dell’Angelo (Flight of the Angel)
-the Festa delle Marie (Celebration of the Marie)
-the Gran Corteo Storico (Great Historic Parade)
-the Sfilata delle Maschere (Mask Procession)

You can try these unique events:

Sat 26th Jan., 8.30 pm. Gala Dinner and Ball IL RIDOTTO (a former casino, ball room and theatre in XVIII century run by nobles, who abided by very strict rules involving the use of masks. Giacomo Casanova considered the Ridotto as the stage setting and backdrop for his conquests). After the welcoming cocktail, and before the luxurious dinner you will be entertained by the young Casanova” music play in the English edition. Then you will go on dancing minuets, rondo, quadrilles, badineries, waltzes all night long, accompanied by a classical orchestra.

Location: Palazzo Dandolo, Sala del “Ridotto” at the Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal San Marco 1332, Calle Vallaresso Dress Code: Costume. Reservation: 420 euros.

Chocolate Time Gran Caffé Lavena at 4 pm
Sunday 27th Jan. and Sunday 3rd Feb.
Piazza San Marco
Dress Code: Costume
Reservation: 50 Euros

Wagner’s favourite café, the elegant Gran Café Lavena is one the Italian Historical Places. On Sunday 27th to honour the Carnival traditions different hot chocolates, drinks and pastries will be impeccably served whilst the guests will be entertained by artists like the Krystal harmony playing a real concert using their magic glass harps.

Cocktail time Gran Café Lavena at 5.30pm
Tuesday 29th Jan.
Dress Code: Costume.
Reservation: 70 euros

Thursday 31st January

In the enchanted frame of the splendid Palazzo Pisani-Moretta overlooking the Grand Canal adorned with Baroque decorations, Tiepolo’s works and at the light of hundreds of candles, a GALA DINNER AND BALL is held for the Venice Carnival on Thursday 31st January 2008. Admired by some famous visitors like Tzar Paul of Russia, Joséphine Bonaparte and Joseph Il of Austria, the Palace organizes.The most glamorous Ball of the Carnival of Venice” for its guests. Clowns, mimes, artists and jesters welcome the guests with a cocktail and then you will be taken by the master of ceremony to your table in the beautiful reception room on the bel étage. In this magical atmosphere you will be delighted with a baroque dinner and soft music, opera singers, mimes and special allegorical costumes of the Carnival.

Later in the evening a master of dance will lead you to the opening of the Ball while on the ground floor a prestigious modern band will make you dance till the early morning, when hot chocolate and croissants will be served.

Gondola tour
Wednesday 30th Jan and Mon 4th Feb.

You can indulge in probably one of the ‘must’ for a real experience of Venice Carnival: a 30 minutes gondola tour followed by a special dinner at “La Colomba” Restaurant serving specialties from the Venetian tradition. A special way to spend a lively evening with friends and meet new ones.

Meeting Point > “stazio” (gondola station) of San Marco, Calle Vallaresso just in front of the Harry’s Bar

Time: 7.15 pm
Dress Code: Costume
To reserve one or more of these events you can contact the organizers.
Prices vary from 50 euros for the Chocolate Time up to 420 euros for gala dinner and ball.

Also be prepared to spend quite a lot in Venice for an accommodation during Carnival period. Hotels are usually fully booked since the previous year because of course.. any tourist would love to be there in that period. But there are budget alternatives in apartments, private B&B, or flats or family run hotels close to the Train station. Alternative solutions could be found along the Brenta River in the famous Riviera del Brenta where also many events ( theatres, concerts, parties in Villas) are regularly held for Carnival.

Between a party, a dance and a parade do not forget to try delicious fritole and crostoli, galani and chiacchiere that you can easily find in pastry-shops and coffee shops all over the city. These are the typical fried sweets of the Carnival of Venice. You absolutely cannot miss them!

Enjoy your Garden and Patio for longer with a Gas Patio Heater

By / February 18, 2020

Enjoy your Garden and Patio for longer with a Gas Patio Heater

With the increased new trend in outdoor living, which has undoubtedly been by TV Gardening DIY programs, we are all spending more money on our garden and patio areas. Creating an inspirational outdoor living space is something we can all do, with a wide range of hard and soft landscaping products, lighting, decorations and garden accessories available widely on the market.

Some of the latest innovations are in garden heating which allows us to spend more of our precious leisure time enjoying our garden or patio area, be it for entertaining family and guests or simply for relaxing. Gas patio Heaters provide instant controllable heat and warmth, thus making your outside room as comfortable and enjoyable as any of your inside rooms. On days when the temperature is not as warm as one would like, the patio heater can be turned on to give off a heat circle of around 6 metres and gas patio heaters come into their own after sun set, when they create atmospheres from party to tranquil.

When choosing a gas patio heater always ensure that it has the necessary safety features such as; a tilt sensor, which will cut off the gas and flame if the patio heater is knocked or blown over whilst in use and also an auto shut off switch will cut off the gas if the flame is blown out.

Patio heaters come in many shapes and sizes, but by far the most popular are the upright standing heater, sometimes available with a circular table around the gas bottle housing, and the table top patio heater. Heat output is measured in Kilowatts and sizes range from 12 kw up to 15kw gas patio heaters, which are usually used for pub, hotel and commercial environments. Finished gas patio heaters usually range from coloured powder coated to the more expensive stainless steel models. The main difference in finishes relate to the likely life of the heater. Stainless steel patio heaters look by far the most impressive and will keep their lustre for many years. Powder coated patio heaters tend to weather slightly less well and will rust if the powder coating is damaged.

Table top heaters are very popular but are a lot smaller and also have a much smaller heat output but they are a very effective way of providing heat to people immediately around the garden table.

Accessories for Patio heaters include covers ( which are a must is you intend to leave it outside during the winter), wheels – which will enable you to easily move the heater around the garden, ballast tanks which give extra stability and most good patio heaters actually come with a gas bottle regulator installed and ready for easy attachment.

Patio heaters run off bottles gas, mainly butane but sometime propane which is widely available in the UK and most other countries. The regulator which is usually supplied with the heater, clips straight onto the bottle and is easy to install. Gas regulators are supplied by all gas bottle suppliers, but ensure that you take you gas bottle along to the dealer as there are varying sizes of bottle head.

Patio heaters require very little maintenance if any at all, and will give extend your time in your garden or on you patio.

Some safety points worth remembering are;

Position in a fairly sheltered area, as this will both reduce the likelihood of damage in strong winds and also increase the amount of ambient heat output.
If the heater is outdoors during the winter, buy a patio heater cover and protect you heater with it.
Always leave the gas bottle in the heater to give it extra weight.
If you patio heater comes supplied with a ballast tank in the base, fill it with sand or if none is available, use water but mix car anti-freeze with it, otherwise the tank may crack when freezing occurs in winter.
Do not let children use the patio heater as a toy or climbing frame.

Enjoy long nights throughout the year with your patio heater – your life will take a new turn into outdoor living.

Wholesale Tea: The Role Of Value Added Wholesalers In The Tea Distribution Chain

By / February 17, 2020

Wholesale Tea: The Role Of Value Added Wholesalers In The Tea Distribution Chain

As tea grows in popularity in the United States, channels of distribution of this fine product are expanding and becoming more efficient. A major part of the entire distribution channel is the tea wholesaler that provides value added products and services to the tea offering.

The Tea Distribution Channel

Like most food products, tea is distributed through three major channels:

• Retail

• Wholesale

• Distributors


Retail channels deliver tea directly to the consumer for consumption without involvement of a third party, Retail channels generally involve gourmet markets, high end grocery stores, health food stores and other outlets where the consumer can visit and make an informed tea selection.

Retail also includes mail order and the internet equivalent e-commerce shopping. E commerce has grown dramatically as web sites become more informative and selections of quality teas are expanded. E-commerce allows the convenience of shopping at home and has become a highly efficient way to purchase quality tea products.


The wholesale channel involves entities that purchase for resale. During this process the wholesaler adds value in a variety of ways. This value is critical for the tea enjoyment of the ultimate consumer and takes many forms. For example:

• Creation of a pleasant environment that creates strong feelings of well being

• Addition of food items like sandwiches, deserts, fruits etc that complement the tea experience

• High end fine dining that is complemented by a cup of quality tea

• Resorts that offer iced tea as a refreshing beverage in idyllic settings

• Hotels and inns that offer afternoon tea as a scheduled event

• And many others…..


Distributors operate in a channel different from wholesalers although both channels are resale channels. Distributors stock inventory and provide account executives who service large reseller like grocery stores and convenience store chains.

Distributors usually develop sophisticated support systems that offer their customer base ease of ordering and shipment and other efficient ways to do business.

What Value Do Wholesalers Provide?

Tea wholesalers are all about enhancing the tea experience for the consumer.

The value provided by wholesalers, if added properly, can leverage the well being of the tea experience. Take a quality tea room for example. Customers can enjoy tea in a very pleasant setting with attractive decorations, appealing music and complementary sandwiches and other food items.

Not only do tea drinkers enjoy the well being of high quality tea but the experience is expanded by the right environment – truly added value.

Or take the fine dining experience where a delicious meal is followed by the best quality infused loose leaf tea and the enhanced feeling of well being created as a compliment to the meal.

However, care must be exercised to ensure that value is created. How many tea drinkers have enjoyed a quality meal at a four star restaurant, only to be disappointed by a cup of luke warm low quality tea at the end of the meal.

Or consider the thirsty traveler looking to quench his thirst with an ice cold glass of high quality iced tea but receives instead a luke warm, low quality substitute tea bag drink.

Overlooking the quality of the basic offering of tea can be disastrous for a tea wholesaler. Tea drinkers in the United States are becoming more discriminating and demanding when it comes to tea quality and taste. Many teas rooms have recognized this fact and focus on quality products and quality service and have created a niche market for their business.

For restaurant wholesalers, loose leaf tea is increasingly offering products that complement fine dining. Quality loose leaf tea often blended with appealing flavors like mint, coconut or oil of bergamot offer the best hot or iced tea available for the dining public.

Preparation and presentation of quality tea is critical to ensure tea drinking satisfaction however and those wholesalers who wish to provide the best quality tea must focus on the total tea experience.

Perfect Wedding Venue – Having A ball In The Perfect Hall

By / February 15, 2020

Perfect Wedding Venue – Having A ball In The Perfect Hall

So it`s over now those famous words have been spoken ending the perfect wedding service – I now pronounce you husband and wife. Then we have the perfect wedding dress on the bride as the solo photo shoot takes place while the perfect groom looks on with pride. Perfection ends with a perfectly organised Wedding Venue. If all your plans were carried out accordingly to your specific requirements of having the best of everything then there is no need to worry.

The Wedding Venue where your reception is to take place is just as important as any other part of your wedding plans. The rave begins on the night of the wedding where guests party into the night and dance till dawn (depending on the venue) Gatherings can be large or small depending on your guest list so therefore the size of the Perfect Wedding Venue has to be carefully thought through.

Ask friends and family for advice on local venue halls as they may have attended parties in the past which puts them in a position to answer your questions in general – like the size – seating capacity if any and what rules and regulations have to be adhered too.
Case the joint so as to speak if you go to view – your perfect wedding venue will have a feel about it that you are either happy with or not – go back a second time if need be.

Don`t rush matters and take your time before making any decision. A wedding is a very important occasion so let us get it right from the beginning. Plans to find your Perfect Wedding Venue can take time so advanced planning is a necessary step. Twelve months before the marriage is to take place is when the search should begin. What you have to remember is there maybe other events going on at the same time as your wedding who may also be interested in the same building or hall that you have your eye on. So bear in mind the early bird catches the worm.

Very important is the size so it is wise to consult the guest list before making any reservations. Your wedding venue will not be perfect if to small and if to big then that may incur unnecessary costs which could be put to another good use like more spending money for the honeymoon. It is understandable that precise numbers can not be given at the time of booking due to the fact that some guests may not be able to attend on the night – but it is best to go off approximates so that you don`t lose the venue though hesitation of uncertainty.

If a live band is to play the music at your wedding venue then please do yourself a favour and check out the dance floor and stage size. Also it is vital to check the clubs rules on the music.
See if the venue you have booked can accommodate your guests with allotted parking areas. Your guests maybe travelling from out of town to attend the event. As with any venture when booking a hall for whatever the occasion – be sure to ask as many questions as possible. There maybe restrictions regarding music and closure times for particular areas where your perfect wedding venue is being held.

Before sprucing up the hall with decorations highlighting the occasion remember to ask permission, check if the wedding hall will allow you to personalize the room by bringing along your own caterer, florist.

There have been many upsets at weddings where the supposedly perfect wedding venue turned out not so perfect after all. But there you go not all of us are perfect when it comes to making the right decision so if in doubt get out and find someone who is more clued up on how to house hundreds of guest while they have a ball.

Multi-Cultural or Cross Denominational Weddings Explained

By / February 14, 2020

Multi-Cultural or Cross Denominational Weddings Explained

The Jewish faith is one that is deeply ensconced in tradition. A traditional Jewish wedding follows a number of beautiful traditions that date back for thousands of years. The traditions include the signing of the Ketubah, the use of the chuppah as well as traditional dances that are performed at the wedding. The rings exchanged during a Jewish wedding also have traditional connotations.

One of the easiest ways to handle a multi-cultural wedding is to allow one culture to dominate the wedding ceremony while the other culture dominates the wedding reception. At the ceremony care could be used to ensure that the attire, words, music, decorations and procedures adhere to the culture of either the bride or the groom. If the culture of the bride dominates the ceremony then you could allow the culture of the groom to dominate the reception. This could be done by providing food, entertainment and toasts that reflect on the time-honored traditions of the groom’s cultural background.

While the preceding solution of having one culture control the ceremony and another culture control the reception is one way to plan a multi-cultural wedding, many couple choose to blend both of the components of the wedding instead. While this can be more difficult, it may be a better solution because neither family feels left out of a party of the wedding.

After the couple exchanges their wedding vows, a rabbi reads 7 traditional blessings. After the blessings the groom steps on a wine glass to break the glass in a symbol of human frailty and the suffering that members of the Jewish faith have endured and this with a final blessing from the rabbi concludes the ceremony. Unlike other traditional weddings, there is usually not a receiving line at the conclusion of a Jewish wedding. Tradition holds that the couple spends a few minutes alone immediately following the wedding so many members of the Jewish faith honor this tradition by leaving the ceremony immediately and waiting until the reception to offer their well wishes to the couple. This togetherness time was traditionally an opportunity for the couple to consummate the marriage but in modern times it is more of chance for the couple to reflect on their wedding ceremony and the start of their life together before the chaos of the wedding.

Cultural weddings can also be blended at the reception in a number of ways. A simple way to do this is to serve foods that relate to one culture and provide entertainment that relates to the other culture. This separation may seem too harsh for some couples and they may want to blend their cultures in a more subtle way. One way to do this is to serve a buffet style dinner that serves cultural favorites of both heritages. Also, if you budget a significant amount of money for entertainment, you could consider hiring two bands so that you can have one band that specializes in the cultural heritage of the bride and one to represent the groom’s heritage.

This could not only serve to unite the families but can also serve to ensure that the entertainment never ceases. Many live bands play for only about 20 minutes at a time and then take a break. The two bands could alternate playing their music so that there is never a dull moment at the reception. If budget constraints do not allow hiring two separate bands you might want to consider hiring a band to play the music of one culture and consider hiring dancers to represent the other culture.

The Jewish faith is a faith that is full of history and tradition. Many couples and their guests choose to honor these traditions by incorporating them into their wedding ceremony and reception. Many of these traditions are the defining moments of the celebration and they lend an atmosphere of historical significance to the wedding.

The Meaning Of Different Wedding Flowers

By / February 13, 2020

The Meaning Of Different Wedding Flowers

If you plan to walk down the aisle anytime soon, you should be aware that the flowers you carry might say more than you intended.

That’s right; most flowers carry a meaning, or a special significance that has been passed down from generation to generation.

We can trace this “flower talk” back to the Victorian Era. It was improper in those days for a man to come out and tell a lady how he felt, so he would choose a flower with special meaning and send it her instead. Because the meaning of flowers was so well known, the woman receiving them understood the message as clearly as if it was written on a piece of paper.

Today, many people don’t speak “flower talk,” but on a day as important as your wedding, you should place a special emphasis on what the flowers that you carry mean.

Let’s start by looking at a few of the most popular wedding flowers, and then examine their meanings.


There is a reason that roses are the most popular choice of flowers for brides. A white rose stands for innocence, beauty and charm-just the traits every bride wants to portray. A bride that chooses red roses for her wedding flowers is sending a message of passion and of fiery love. If dark pink roses are used for a wedding, the couple is expressing a thankfulness that they found each other. An ivy colored rose stands for fidelity in the marriage-something every new couple strives for.


If you are having a spring wedding, there is simply no better way to express your love for your future spouse than by carrying a bouquet of tulips. They are not only beautiful, but speak of an undying love.


Daisies are many people’s favorite flower, but not a lot of brides use them in their wedding décor. They might if they understood their significance! Daisies stand for romance and an innocent spirit. Does that describe you?

Calla Lilies

These graceful flowers are reminders of our past generations when grace and beauty were the rule. Associated with elegance and charm, a calla lily would be the perfect flower if you wanted to create a sophisticated atmosphere for your wedding.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most popular flowers, let’s talk about how to use them to create just the right wedding event for you.

If you want a fairy tale type wedding, then you can’t go wrong with roses-lots of them – Combine pinks-both dark and soft -and white and ivy colored ones. Be sure to wrap them in lots of sparkling tulle that matches the other colors in your wedding.

For a more sophisticated affair, use calla lilies. You can carry a single stem for a simple look, or a large bouquet for a stunning effect. Be sure to combine these flowers with elegance-both in the wedding party’s attire and the surrounding decorations.

For a more casual event-such as a beach wedding-use daisies to make your guests feel cheery and at home. You can tie them with pretty ribbons that match the other colors in your wedding’s décor, and then mix them with loads of baby’s breath.

Finally, there simply is no better flower for a garden wedding than the tulip. Choose soft pastel colors to create a spring wedding, and then combine them with lots of feathery greenery, white linen and adoring looks!

As you can see, the flowers that you choose for your wedding will definitely set the mood. Knowing that, before you select your flowers, determine what type of wedding and reception event you want to have. Once you do that, choosing the flowers will be a breeze!

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