Porsche 991 Exhaust System For Performance And Mileage Upgrade

Is your car requiring severe upgrade in terms of performance and mileage? ChampionMotorsport.com has the perfect solution for you. So as to increase the mileage and performance of the car, you need to add a new exhaust system and a new muffler.

​Nowadays the increasing rates of fuel have affected the entire automobile industry. From a Ferrari to Skoda owner, everybody wants to spend less on fuel because of its huge price. Therefore, several car owners often change their vehicles without compromising on performance and mileage. On the other hand, changing a vehicle due to its fuel consumption and speed, you can also upgrade the car's braking system also. With improved power generation, mostly cars braking system fail to work. Therefore, it is important to check out the brakes also when you're changing the exhaust and muffler system.

Important Parts that help in increase a car's performance​

  • Cat-back exhaust is another most common type of exhaust system which covers the system from the back-end of the catalytic converter till the exhaust tip.
  • Muffler tips are another most overlooked parts of a vehicle. Their role is to lower the vibrations made by the gases, which flow from the exhaust system so as to control the noise emitted. Most muffler tips are covered with fiber glass, fiber mat and wool to lessen sound.
  • While upgrading your car's performance aspect, many people are likely to overlook the most important part of a vehicle i.e. the brakes. What people don't understand is that a regular car includes stock brakes, which are used to handle the power generated by the vehicle before it goes through a modification.

Most automobile manufacturers tend to dither in providing their customers best exhaust system for their cars that can help in controlling the costs. They focus various other aspects of car manufacturing, including weight, cost, noise and many more. Therefore the exhaust system doesn't rank higher on their priority list.​

At CHAMPION MOTORSPORT, you can find a huge variety of performance exhaust systems so take a look at their fantastic selection. Either you are searching for a high quality Porsche 991 Exhaust System, Audi R8 Exhaust, Ferrari 488 Exhaust System or Lamborghini Huracan Exhaust system, an inexpensive Porsche exhaust or something in between, CHAMPIONMOTORSPORT has great selections for you. CHAMPIONMOTORSPORT.COM is the ultimate shopping destination for your Porsche 991 Audi R8 Exhaust system requirements!​

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Comparison Of Porsche Cars of Today And Yesterday

The Porsche cars now are very different from the cars of yesterday. Today Porsche car manufacturers make life easier for drivers and security has improved a lot.

A few years ago, the automotive brands fought to offer more space, the highest power and the largest number of accessories in their models. But today things have changed; issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, entertainment, assists handling and assembly quality are now the most important factors when buying a car. Here in this article seven significant areas are discussed in which Porsche cars have evolved in recent times and in some cases generate nostalgic:

1. Onboard entertainment

A few years ago, CD players included on the board, and cruise control was optional in high-end cars. Today, in most Porsche cars, these are included as standard equipment, further accompanied with Bluetooth, USB player, traffic information in real time and even WiFi connectivity within the same vehicle.

2. Safety from accident

The older versions of Porsche car had two airbags, but now in modern versions of Porsche the average is four and in some cases up to 10. The accident prevention systems have advanced significantly, prior to now there was only the occasional ABS and traction control. These programs monitor steering angle and speed of entry into the curve to keep the car on track, detection of vehicles in the blind spot of the side mirrors. These systems also monitor the distance from the car ahead and even slow the vehicle if the brakes in time do not apply.

3. Fuel consumption

Small and efficient family cars are very popular today, but a while ago people had no ecological awareness, so double drive family vehicles were used more.

In today's market, people are looking to pay only for what will really occupy and favors smaller engines, less-cylinder engine with better fuel economy. We must consider the unstable price of fuel market that generates concern among consumers.

4. Behind the wheel controlling facilitating

Today, Porsche cars have high definition (HID) lights and automatic wipers, reverse cameras to look at a blind spot and even some that only need to control the pedals to park. But a few years back, cars only had cameras to see just things around.

5. Security and satellite navigation

The first professional GPS released in 1990, up to now it's going to take a great importance. Now millions of users have personal satellite navigators, in their cars or on mobile devices in the world. Alarms and immobilization systems are not the same as those of a few years ago. Today, you can find a vehicle equipped with location (GPS satellite) within minutes, plus being able to immobilize instantly.

Another advancement is a SmartKey system, which can approach the vehicle and only by encoding key, you can access the vehicle without taking out the key from the pocket.

6. Comfort

The cars are now more focused on the driver and passengers. The quality of materials, assembly and interior design have greatly improved due to the public demand for more pleasant place to sit in traffic or when road trip. Spaces are better utilized than before and the seats automatically adjust to a preset position, all to facilitate user comfort in a vehicle.

7. Customization

Just like other automotive brands, Porsche brand lines also continue to grow each year. Now, you can buy a completely new Porsche car, concessionary, with indoor and outdoor fixtures to develop a specific function or just to make it look different from the rest.

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There are few things that can evoke more romance or even be considered more sexy than architecture – unless it’s architects. On Valentine’s Day, a day for love and romance, who better to help you express your deepest feelings for someone? To help get people in the mood, I took to twitter with some ideas for valentines that amorous architects might send to their paramours – or that someone who had his eye on a special architect might send to help win her love.

20 Best Ways To Sell Auto Mechanic

tseIt’s that time of year again: Practically everyone you know is swearing to make a complete personal overhaul with plans to drop the sugar from their diet, hit the gym six days a week, and stop spending all that money on their two-latte-a-day habit.

We know, of course, that by February most of these well-intentioned people will be back to dunking glazed donuts into their Starbucks and rushing home to watch the latest reality show after work.
Anything that has a specific, attainable achievement is a goal, while permanent changes to your life, such as “stop smoking” or ”cut back to one fast food meal a month” are resolutions.

Both can be helpful tools on your path to self-improvement, but the way you approach your resolutions and goals is an important factor in how successful you will be at achieving them.

August Mentoring Workshop: Diversity of Our Profession

By Lorraine Espinoza / October 4, 2015

I have a few of my own, so I’ll share them in hopes that it will 1) provide positive social pressure for me to actually do it (feel free to hold me to them!) and 2) possibly provide inspiration for others.

  • Create a new online portfolio,
  • Become proficient in Revit Architecture,
  • Find a new full-time job where I can advance my skills, and
  • Complete IDP.
  • Blog more consistently
  • Make sketching a regular habit.

They sound simple, but I think these will all be challenging, yet achievable.

Now it’s your turn. What are your Design Resolutions? How will you better yourself as a designer in 2012?

Houdini’s Guide To Auto Mechanic

By Lorraine Espinoza / September 22, 2015

Lots of architects have awful web sites. There are the Flash-based interfaces that don’t allow you to easily go back to something you just saw.  There are long introductory videos you can’t skip, or slide shows you can’t pause to get a closer look at a specific image. Odd music plays unexpectedly. The contact information is buried in a nest of menus. Above all, far too often the site is all about the architecture firm’s work, and making sure you see it in the way that they think you should see it. Too many times there is little consideration given for what the site users, especially potential clients, might actually want or need.

With that said, there are also a number of architects and architecture firms that get it right. To focus on these positive examples, I asked today’s panel to tell us which site is their favorite, and why.

Lunchtime Links: Keep It On the Road

To start us off, Enoch Sears (@BusinessofArch) gives a better explanation than I could about what is wrong with the sites that most architects have before giving us his pick:

Most architects’ web pages are all wrong. It was hard for me to come up with a “best” website for architects because so few are any good. Don’t get me wrong, from an aesthetic standpoint there are tons of beautiful websites. But unless you happen to be Frank Gehry, you are not selling art, you are selling services. So in my opinion, a great architect website excels at selling services, not art. Successful websites turn visitors into paying clients, they don’t just display work.

8 Ideas For Technology

By Lorraine Espinoza / September 5, 2015

A beautiful layout and intuitive navigation should the starting point of an architect’s website. But this is where most architects stop. So what comes next? There are many options, but all involve providing user-centric content. That means if you market to dentists, you provide a white-paper on how dentists can increase throughput with a good office layout. If you do residential remodels, you provide an online calculator to estimate building budget – the sky is the limit! You get my drift.

And my pick for today is: Modative, a great modern design firm from SoCal. Check out their “Resources” page or look halfway down the home page. They offer a “Small Lot Subdivision Guide”, “Free Planning Report”, and an “Architecture Process Guide”. And their strategy is working. But don’t take my word for it. Click here to read how they saw a 6x increase in leads and traffic.

Architects In Real Life Photo of the Day: 16 September 2011

In this week’s photo of a real architect in the wild, Jonathan Brown (right) shows us that not only can architects maintain relationships with normal humans, they also occasionally leave their desks and take time to enjoy themselves. Who knew?

They offer a “Small Lot Subdivision Guide”, “Free Planning Report”, and an “Architecture Process Guide”. And their strategy is working. But don’t take my word for it. Click here to read how they saw a 6x increase in leads and traffic.

District Design Society To Host Second Annual Creative Black Tie Gala

Happy Thanksgiving! The turkey has been eaten and the kitchen cleaned, so before I drift off into a food coma, I wanted to take a moment to remember the important things.

Everyone says family and friends, and I certainly wouldn’t leave them out. There are many people who have been loving and supporting of me over the past year, and I am very grateful to have them in my life.

IA|DC: My local AIA chapter has been a great part of my support system since I came to the city. I wasn’t very active when I lived in Raleigh, but a few months after moving to Washington I was introduced to the staff of the D.C. chapter, and it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. Mary Fitch and her staff – Melody, Abby, Sarah, Beth, and Nichole – have always been extremely kind and friendly to me. It’s obvious how dedicated they are to their work, and to helping their members achieve success. Thanks to all of you for your friendship and support.

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