Planning a Couples Shower

´╗┐Planning a Couples Shower

Thinking of hosting a party for the bride and groom, and don’t know where to start?
Lets break it down, and make it simple, by answering these questions.
What is a couples bridal shower?
Instead of the traditional party for the bride to be, this party is thrown for both the bride and groom.
Who hosts the shower?
Typically, the bridesmaids will have the party, often with help from the groomsmen. However, anyone close to the couple can do this.
Four to six weeks before the wedding, helps to make it less stressful. Nights or weekends are usually the best time.
This can be at a private home, rented hall, or a favorite “hangout” of the couple.
Who’s invited?
Sometimes there is confusion with the term “couples shower”.
This applies to the guests of honor. It doesn’t mean guests have to come in pairs. Decide on the number to be invited. Ask both men and women, according to their importance to the couple.
Is anything done differently at a couples bridal shower?
It is generally a more casual atmosphere. A bridal shower theme is often used. This can be based around the couples interests, such as sports, music or travel.
This helps to keep it entertaining for all.
How about the food?
A buffet is a good idea. Keep the couples favorites in mind. For instance, you may want to have all Italian, Chinese or Mexican items.
What about decorations?
Keep them simple. Coordinate colors with your theme, or use the bridal colors.
Are favors given?
These are optional. You can give favors related to the theme, if you have one. Separate male and female gifts may also be given.
How are gifts given?
Joint gifts are usually given. Monogrammed or personalized gifts are always a hit.
You can also give individual gifts, if you’d like. Make sure they are of similar value.
Any other couples shower ideas?
Have some music playing in the background.
Designate someone to oversee the food and drinks.
Leave some disposable cameras around for candid pictures.
Have fun!