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Midnight Oil: It’s a Doggone Fact

By Lorraine Espinoza / November 5, 2015

I’ll be the intern, you be the mentor showing me how to detail a scupper. Talk didactic to me, baby. Don’t worry, baby: I always wear a turtleneck. We may not have a crit tomorrow, but I still wanna pull an all-nighter. Have a winning Architect Valentine? Is there a message you’d love to hear […]


Architecture Uncensored: Designing Your Career

By Lorraine Espinoza / June 3, 2015

I went into architecture for many reasons. Sometimes they hardly seem adequate, given the rocky path my career has taken. I don’t even remember some of them, and others seem unrealistic compared to what the profession is really like. Maybe I would be better to abandon it altogether – or maybe I just need to […]


Ask the Jury: Best Sites for Online Portfolios

By Lorraine Espinoza / February 5, 2015

The mentoring workshop will be held Wednesday, 31 August at 6:15 pm at AIA National Headquarters, located at 1735 New York Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. The Mentoring Workshop is a monthly meeting for interns, recently licensed architects, and mentors, sponsored by the AIA|DC Emerging Architects Committee.