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20 Best Ways To Sell Auto Mechanic

By Lorraine Espinoza / November 5, 2015

tseIt’s that time of year again: Practically everyone you know is swearing to make a complete personal overhaul with plans to drop the sugar from their diet, hit the gym six days a week, and stop spending all that money on their two-latte-a-day habit. We know, of course, that by February most of these well-intentioned […]


August Mentoring Workshop: Diversity of Our Profession

By Lorraine Espinoza / October 4, 2015

I have a few of my own, so I’ll share them in hopes that it will 1) provide positive social pressure for me to actually do it (feel free to hold me to them!) and 2) possibly provide inspiration for others. Create a new online portfolio, Become proficient in Revit Architecture, Find a new full-time […]


Lunchtime Links: Keep It On the Road

By Lorraine Espinoza / September 7, 2015

To start us off, Enoch Sears (@BusinessofArch) gives a better explanation than I could about what is wrong with the sites that most architects have before giving us his pick: Most architects’ web pages are all wrong. It was hard for me to come up with a “best” website for architects because so few are […]


Ask the Jury: Which Architects Have the Best Web Sites?

By Lorraine Espinoza / July 28, 2015

I am thankful for you, for reading this blog. It’s a new venture, and one about which I am excited. I am glad to have each of you along for the ride. It is now approaching two years since I lost my last full-time job with an architecture firm. Since then, I have been through […]


Architecture Uncensored: Designing Your Career

By Lorraine Espinoza / June 3, 2015

I went into architecture for many reasons. Sometimes they hardly seem adequate, given the rocky path my career has taken. I don’t even remember some of them, and others seem unrealistic compared to what the profession is really like. Maybe I would be better to abandon it altogether – or maybe I just need to […]


Ask the Jury: Best Sites for Online Portfolios

By Lorraine Espinoza / February 5, 2015

The mentoring workshop will be held Wednesday, 31 August at 6:15 pm at AIA National Headquarters, located at 1735 New York Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. The Mentoring Workshop is a monthly meeting for interns, recently licensed architects, and mentors, sponsored by the AIA|DC Emerging Architects Committee.


Architects In Real Life Photo of the Day: 14 October 2011

By Lorraine Espinoza / September 28, 2014

 Membership in the AIA is not a requirement to attend. A new topic is discussed each month, but after the initial presentation there is time for open discussion and questions. If you are in the midst of the Intern Development Program (IDP), are taking the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), need help finding a mentor, or just want […]